Portage Volunteer Fire Company - Cambria County Station 83
Attention Businesses and Establishments in the Portage Area:
Businesses and establishments located in Portage Boro, Portage Township, and Cassandra Boro can now update their emergency contacts through our website.  Click on the "Emergency Contacts" button above.

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Proudly serving Cassandra Boro, Portage Boro, Portage Township,
and our neighbors in need.

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100% Volunteer, 100% of the Time

2015 Line Officers
Chief:  Ronald McCoy Jr.             Chief Engineer:  Jamie Cadwallader
Deputy Chief:  Matt McCoy         Fire Police Captain:  Myrna Maul
Assistant Chief:  Larry Duray      Fire Police Lieutenant:  Patty Rousell
Captain I:  Mike McCoy              EMS Captain:  Paul Husar
Captain II:  Andrew Myers          EMS Lieutenant:  Matt Hershberger
Lieutenant I:  Floyd Rousell Jr.   Safety Officer I:  Joe Stauski
Lieutenant II:  Chris Miller        Safety Officer II:  Edmund Myers

2015 Executive Officers
President:  Patty Rousell                       Trustee:  Rob Theys
Vice President:  Naomi Maul                 Trustee:  Bruce Valari
Treasurer:  Emil Squillario                    Trustee:  Denys Theys
Secretary:  Denys Theys                       Trustee:  Matt McCoy
Assistant Secretary:  Shelly Cadwallaer      Trustee:  Naomi Maul
Relief Trustee:  Dave Squillario
Relief Trustee:  Naomi Maul
Relief Trustee:  Bruce Valari

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Headquarters                        North Station
721 Main St.                         165 Main Street
Portage, PA 15946                Cassandra, PA 15925
(814) 736-4626                   (814) 736-3188